December Favorites

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Wow, I can´t believe it is already January! It seems like just yesterday when we opened up Christmas presents under the tree, ate turkey and delicious little cookies… Well, a new month has begun, which means it is time to review my favorite products from December:

MiPow Power Tube


If I had to pick one thing about my new iPhone 5s that really bothers me, I would say it is the battery capacity. It seems to me as if the phone is always on low battery! After doing some research, I found the Mipow Power Tube, a mobile charging device for any iPhone, iPad or iPod. The backup battery charges my iPhone 2.5 times while I am en route, it is lightweight and comes in many different colors (I just had to take the pink one). Here´s to never having to worry again about my phone´s battery life!

Cire Trudon Scented Candle


Cire Trudon scented candle: This limited edition candle blends warm notes of Amber and Sandalwood with Musk, Tonka Beans and White Flowers and has a very intense smell to it. I absolutely love the beautiful design and how it matched my Christmas tree decoration.

Louboutin Dos Noeuds in Black


The hunt for these beauties took me nearly a year, but now I am the proud owner of Louboutin´s Dos Noeuds in black! I had been looking for this specific pair everywhere, but not only is this model very rare, so is my shoe size (40.5)! In the end, I was lucky to find the shoes on Vestiaire Collective, and after owning the nude version as well, I would say that my Louboutin collection is nearly complete (“nearly” because you never know what Monsieur Louboutin might come up with).

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire


Guerlain´s “La Petite Robe Noire” smells so fruity and sweet that it reminds me of Parisien nights and french macarons…

Handmade Flower Paperweight


To me, this little paperweight that we bought on our trip to London looks like a little piece of art, and I find myself starring at it while in front of my PC. How did they manage to get the blowball into the glass without causing any damage to it?

  • Mamamia

    Hallo, sind die Schuhe schon getragen worden? Glück gehabt…dass, du die richtige Nr. gefunden hast :o)

  • Anna

    ich lese Deinen (ich sage einfach mal “Du”) Blog unheimlich gerne,weil ichihn sehr authentisch finde und ich Deinen Stil gerne mag. Immer wieder jedoch drängt sich mir folgende Frage auf: trägst Du privat bzw. im Alltag wirklich immer nur High Heels oder nur im Rahmen der Blog bzw. Outfit Post? Ich liebe meine High Heels, kann darin leider meinen 2 Kindern nicht hinterherlaufen, weshalb sie nur selten bzw. zum Weggehen ausgeführt werden!

    LG aus FFM


  • Ari

    Liebe Mehrnaz,

    alles genau mein Geschmack, die Loubis ❤️❤️❤️ Ein Traum !! Und die Kerze schillert wunderschön…
    Der Briefbeschwerer ist wirklich etwas Besonderes, tolles Mitbringsel !


  • k4rlakatherine

    die schuhe sind wirklich eines der schönsten modelle. ich lieb(t)e CL eigentlich, aber mittlerweile sind die schuhe ausser den “klassikern” völliger alle sehen schrecklich und “trashig” aus. traurige geschichte… auch die restlichen sachen sind übrigens toll! xxx