My Favorite Baby Products

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Today´s blog entry is a very baby-related one, but since my life is all about my little baby girl these days,  I would like to share some insight on what products my little one and me favor:

Chanel Price Increase 2015

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It was just a matter of time, but now it is official: Chanel will increase the prices for its Handbags about 30% in Europe. The move is meant to streamline the pricing in Europe and China. Classics like the 11.12, 2.55 and Boy Bag will see the price increases on April 8, while the rest of Chanels product range will receive the new prices till the end of the year. But thats not the only bad news:

Outfit: Maison Michel Hat x Hermès Kelly Bag

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Last weekend was so sunny and warm that we took the chance and shot these pictures. As you can see, I am very yet another hat by Maison Michel. The fabulous french fashion label is owned by Chanel and specializes in hatwear and hair accessoiries. My favorite models are  “Virginie” (which I own in a nice bordeaux color) and “Henrietta” which is pictured above.

Shirt: Massimo Dutti (find a similar one here)

Jeans: H&M Maternity (regular version here)

Hat: Maison Michel (also here or here)

Shoes: Acne Pistol Boots (also here)

Handbag: Hermès Kelly Bag

Eye shadow palette: Givenchy Ombre Couture No. 05 Taupe Velours

Lipgloss: Dior Addict Gloss No 584 Dynasty

First Post Baby Outfit

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Dear all,

after a two-month-long outfit break, I am finally back with a new look! I still have some pounds to shed and I am absolutely not comfortable with the extra weight. But I am starting my regular workout sometime next week and I am confident that I will slowly get back to my pre-baby body…

Coat: sold out, find a similar version here or here

Jeans: H&M Maternity (regular version here)

Shoes: Acne Pistol Boots (also here)

Handbag: Chanel Classic Jumbo

Scarf: Chan Luu

Hat: Maison Michel

Eye Shadow: Guerlain Eye Shdaow Palette No. 02 Place Vendôme

Lipgloss: Dior Addict Gloss No. 584 Dynasty

Stroller: Stokke Xplory with a winterkit in cloud grey


Review: Shangri-La Hotel Paris

71 days ago dash Travel

My husband and me recently took a three-day shopping trip to Paris and decided to treat ourselves to a special accomodation.

The Shangri-La Hotel is a 5-star belle-époque palace with the absolute best views of the Eiffel Tower and it was once the home of Napoleon’s grand-nephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte, who lived here until his death in 1924. For the hotel opening in 2010 every small detail of Prince Bonaparte’s home has been meticulously restored which makes you feel like visiting royalty. I love hotels that are authentic in their design, and like the Mercer Hotel in Barcelona, which I visited last May, the Shangri-La is a perfect example of a hotel that honors its building’s history.

Love At First Sight

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Dear all,

I´d like to thank you for your kind words, messages and sweet gifts that have reached me within the past week. Me and the little one are now at home and slowly getting used to our new life together. While I am currently very busy with nursing and taking care of the baby, things on the blog will hopefully be back to normal in a few weeks :-)


Pregnancy Does Not Come Easy…

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… does it? These past few days have been such a major struggle that I wish for nothing more than this sweet little baby to come out of my belly and this maternity to be over. Ever since last Wednesday, I suddenly felt a huge pain in my lower back and pelvis due to the pressure that comes from my dropping belly and the baby´s weight. I am not exaggerating when I say that I haven´t slept in over five days, a situation that leads me (a usually very open-minded & friendly person and a positive thinker) to be in the worst mood ever, disliking everyone and everything around me and crying whenever I get the chance! Well, now I know why sleep deprivation is a method of torture…

However, until I am able to shoot another outfit for you guys, I thought it would be nice make another baby- and pregnancy-related blog entry:

2014 – A Year In Review

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To me, 2014 is one of the most exciting years ever. I have seen, felt and experienced so many things that it seems as if time has somehow just flown by. At the beginning of 2014, I would have never imagined that today, a year later, I would be pregnant with my first child and being so close to my due date.

Nevertheless, I am more than thankful for everything that has happenend within the past months, and today, I would like to give you a little overview of some of my favorite moments:

Outfit: The Hermès Kelly Bag

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Today´s outfit post is all about the newest addition to my little handbag family. It was a very lucky surprise (and coincidence), but last week I had the chance to be offered this fabulous and oh so classy bag – and of course I could not turn down the offer. The Hermès Kelly bag, one of the most iconic and famous bags ever, is very hard to come by, especially in black, and I am more than happy to finally be the proud owner of such a wonderful investment piece.

The cashmere sweater that I am wearing in this pictures is actually a mini dress – but since my belly won´t stop growing, it is currently one of the very few items in my closet that I can still wear. For a more casual approch, I styled my H&M maternity jeans and some very comfortable Chanel ankle boots.

Btw, did any of you shop the big sales at Net-a-PorterMytheresaStylebopLuisa Via Roma and Co.?

Cashmere sweater: Stefanel (loving this or this one, both on sale)

Jeans: H&M Maternity (regular version here)

Ankle Boots: Chanel (similar model here)

Jewelry: Hermès & Dior

Handbag: Hermès (this Fendi-bag is a stunner as well)