Christmas Trip to London

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Before we let new year ring in, I thought I´d give you a pictured summary about my trip to London.
I always try to visit Britisch capitol at least two times a year, but this was my first trip during christmas season. We took a lot of photos and I will let them tell the story:


The beautiful lobby of the ME hotel in Soho. As you can see it is like living in a Saint Laurent boutique – the architecture is absolutely stunning! Full review coming soon :)


The wonderful shops and decoration at Covent Garden


My favorite find was Dishoom, an indian restaurant built in the tradition of the persian cafés that were once located all over Bombay. It is beautifully decorated and offers some of the finest indian food I ever tried. I loved the fried okras!

harrods-03 harrods-01

Happy me after I found my new Dior earrings :-)



Lunch at Burger & Lobster (highly recommended! and now also located inside the Harvey Nichols store)


The food at Jamie Oliver´s italian kitchen was very tasty, but unfortunately it was served rather cold than warm…

city-01 city-02

What a great service: Same day delivery from Burberry for London residents!

  • conservatory girl

    das sieht nach einer tolle zeit aus in london. ich liebe es zum jahresende in großstädten, die lichter, die menschen, einfach eine tolle stimmung <3
    ich wünsch dir ein gesundes und glückliches neues jahr meine liebe! <3

    liebe grüße,

  • La_Vero

    Du siehst toll aus! Hoffentlich schaff ich es auch irgendwann mal nach London :)


  • Julia

    Happy New Year!
    I see you had a great time in London. I will try Dishoom on our next trip :)

  • Lisa L.

    Ich hatte Anfang des Jahres eine bessere Erfahrung bei Jamie’s Italian. In der Nähe von Soho bin ich auch am liebsten, daher werde ich mir dein Hotel für die nächste Reise mal genauer anschauen.

  • Anna We